Perkiomen Valley School District Annual Report 2017-18 Annual Report 2017-18 1 | Page 11

Preparing Students for Life After High School College and career readiness is another component being measured and tracked by the new Future Ready PA Index. Perkiomen Valley School District students are introduced to college and career readiness in varying degrees at both the elementary and secondary levels. At the elementary level, for example, fourth-graders learn about entrepreneurship through presentations made by high school students who have developed businesses and products through their own study of the topic. In seventh grade, students take a survey about their interests and are provided with suggested career clusters they might want to consider. At the high school level, students partic- ipate in the Career Fair and many other activities designed to get them thinking about life after high school. Most of our schools are meeting or exceeding expectations for this new measure, but there is much work taking place to ensure our schools are collecting evidence that students have learned about careers and how to prepare for them, how to find a job, how to keep a job, and entrepreneurship. Where Did 2018 Graduates Go to College? PA Private Universities - 76 Out-of-State Universities - 78 Community College - 59 State-Related/Commonwealth Universities (ex. Penn State/Pitt) - 81 PA State Universities (ex. Bloomsburg, West Chester) - 81 4-Year College - 74.8% Other - 1.2% Community College, Then Transfer - 12.6% Military - 2.7% Job - 4.5% Community College - 4.2% Comprehensive Planning Process Spans 2017-18 School Year Every three years, school districts are required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to create a comprehensive plan. The plan, which is data-driven and research-based, is meant to facilitate collaboration and communication, promote shared practices and resources, and ensure that all district stakeholders are aware of and are working toward common goals. In short, a comprehensive plan helps “set the course” for the district over the next three years. Perkiomen Valley School District be- gan the process to draft a new com- prehensive plan during the 2017-18 school year. A Steering Committee made up of School Board members, administrators, teachers, parents, stu- dents and community members spent the last year addressing various over- arching components of the plan, such as the mission statement and vision. Smaller subcommittees were formed to address the four plan components of special education, professional educa- tion, safe and supportive schools, and teaching and learning. In November 2018, the School Board approved the final version of the com- prehensive plan, which was then sub- mitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for approval. PDE approved the plan not long after that. To learn more about the plan and the process leading up to it, visit the web- site (click on “About Us” and “Compre- hensive Plan”).