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Get Ready to Unleash the Cortec ® Boiler ‘ Reptiles ’ on Corrosion


Get Ready to Unleash the Cortec ® Boiler ‘ Reptiles ’ on Corrosion
Boiler layup season for heating systems is just around the corner , which makes it the perfect time to unleash Cortec ® Corporation ’ s boiler layup “ reptiles .” These options make boiler layup effective and incredibly simple compared to traditional methods of applying desiccant , nitrogen blanketing , maintaining dry air systems , or doing nothing to prevent corrosion while the boiler is not in active use . Cortec ® expanded its boiler layup “ menagerie ” in 2020 and is eager to reintroduce these exciting solutions just in time for facilities to start thinking about seasonal boiler layup .
SOLUTIONS FOR DRY LAYUP The first and most well-known boiler layup reptile is the Boiler Lizard ®, a decades-long friend for water treatment specialists who have come to know and love its ease of use and effectiveness for boilers 500-
10,000 gallons in size ( 1893-37,854 L ). The Boiler Lizard ® contains VpCI ® Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors packaged in a watersoluble bag . Application is easy : remove the outer packaging , place in the boiler , slit open the inner water-soluble pouch , and seal all boiler openings . The VpCI ® powder in the Boiler Lizard ® immediately begins to vaporize , disperses throughout the vessel , and then forms a protective molecular barrier layer on accessible metal surfaces within the space . Startup is easy because the Boiler Lizard ® does not have to be removed from the waterside . It simply dissolves as the boiler is refilled .
The Boiler Egg™ is an excellent new companion to the Boiler Lizard ®. The Boiler Egg™ lies dormant until startup , then , as the boiler is initially filled with cold , untreated makeup water , dissolves and releases active ingredients to scavenge dissolved oxygen and passivate metal . The Boiler Egg™ can be used alone in a feedwater tank ( or deaerator tank ) and any condensate receivers , or together with the Boiler Lizard ® as part of the Boiler Lizard ® Plus complete preservation kit .
The Boiler Gecko™ transfers the effectiveness and ease of the Boiler Lizard ® into a form suited for application to boilers less than 500 gallons (< 1893 L ). Boiler Gecko™ contains VpCI ® Technology in an EcoAir ® air-powered spray can and may be sprayed into the boiler ’ s waterside or fireside — no flushing or product removal required at startup . On the other end of the spectrum , Boiler Dragon™ is a VpCI ® fogging fluid designed for dry layup of the largest boilers of 10,000 gallons ( 37,854 L ) or more .
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