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Law Week 2019 Highlights: What’s Everyone Smiling About? It was an honor having NYU Professor Dr. Alan Schlechter join us as our Law Day Keynote speaker. Dr. Schlechter’s presentation was warm, witty, and informative. He reminded our members that happiness and well-being come from our interpersonal relationships. Having people in our lives to share experiences with is what makes us happier, not the amount of money we make. If you missed the luncheon, and would like to hear Dr. Schlechter’s message, his talk can be purchased on the Bar’s CLE website page. Colleen Farnsworth and Andrew Kwan PBCBA Director Julia Wyda and Florida Board of Governor Robin Bresky Julie Littky-Rubin and Len Rubin NYU Professor Dr. Alan Schlechter Law Related Education Chairperson Andrew Kwan, Daphne Rogers and Garin Roiger, with their parents and teacher Mrs. Kenney; Morgan Johnson and her parents; Theia Barela and her father. PALMBEACHBAR.ORG 14 Rachel Bentley, Tammy Anton, Tree Krellner, Robin Scher and Tequisha Myles Pictured with copies of Dr. Schlecter’s book are Melynda Melear and Lindsay Warner Patrick Bailey and Nora Bailey, Co-Chairs of the Law Related Education Committee's Essay Contest for local 5th graders, and the winning essays.