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Law Day Luncheon brings awareness to Human Trafficking in Palm Beach County This year’s Law Day Luncheon featured a survivor of Human Trafficking. You could hear a pin drop when Shanika Amph told her personal and powerful story of what it was like to be a prostitute at the age of 11 years old. Today, Shanika is a nurse, mother and victim advocate. She willingly shares details of her years on the street so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. PBCBA President Sia Baker-Barnes pictured with our Law Day Speakers Shanika Amph and Justin Hoover, Esq., Assistant State Attorney with the Special Victims Unit Committee Chairs Santo DiGangi (Ben ch Bar), Patricia DeRamus (Paralegal) Rina Clemens (Judicial Relations) and Misty Chaves (Solo & Small Firm) Rachel Bentley, Judge Bradley Harper, David Miller and Bob Bertisch Judge Peter Blanc and (ret) Judge Roger Colton Law Week Co-Chair Heather Wallace-Bridwell and PBCBA BAR BULLETIN Tammy Anton 3 PBCBA President Sia Baker-Barnes and Chief Judge Krista Marx