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WILL YOU HELP US? WHY HELP:      DRUG COURT PROGRAMS    Use a therapeutic AND judicial approach Team of dedicated stakeholders Provide intensive case management Reduce drug use Reduce recidivism Reduce crime Decrease child abuse/ neglect Increase education and employment rates OVERDOSES ARE Delinquency Drug Court - Serves youth 14 -17 with substance abuse issues - Seeks to reduce juvenile crime and drug use Family Drug Court - Serves adults ages 18 + with substance abuse issues - Seeks to reunify families and improve parenting skills while reducing drug use WHAT CAN I DO? INCREASING BECOME A VOLUNTEER ADVOCATE:      Commit to a minimum of 6 months Provide transportation when applicable Have weekly face to face contact with participant Have weekly communication with the coordinator Encourage participant participation PBCBA BAR BULLETIN FOR INFORMATION, CONTACT: JORGE AQUINO ADVOCATE COORDINATOR [email protected] 22