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For eight years as a senior executive with St. Andrews, Kristen has been featuring wellness programs in all collateral and communication mediums, both internally and externally.

Kristen has been instrumental in forming the club’s strategic roadmap for branding but also a vigilant supporter to the creation of Wellness programming. Kristen works on all levels with management to the planning and coordination of members well-being including her involvement with fitness, spa, tennis, golf and food and beverage departments to insure "across the board" programming is a focus and priority for member engagement.

Her role in publicizing programs and key success factors has elevated the awareness of improved nutrition and lectures of all types or programming to the membership and the staff. With Kristens help, the club has demonstrated a commitment to not only the members well-being but also all professionals on the team.

Case in point, the quarterly employee newsletter has dedicated attention to the subject matter of healthy lifestyle and well-being. "We are a much stronger Club due to the dedication of Kristen Pfeifer on our team and her commitment to improving the lifestyle and well-being of our Club members and staff", says Craig Martin, GM/COO.

Kristen believes it is her responsibility to ensure the membership, their families and friends, as well as prospective members are aware of our commitment to wellness. This is achieved through a variety of communication methods. We utilize branded flyers, posters, the website, videos, TV, check stuffers, monthly Style magazine, press releases and more!

Consistency in message and creativity helps encourage participation in wellness programs offered in all areas of St. Andrews Country Club.

Kristen thinks outside the box and uses Videobolt for project updates and announcements. Click the video above to see how we use it to tell Kristen's story.

Kristen Pfeifer has more than 25 years of PR and Marketing experience within international, national, regional and local advertising and communications environments.

Kristen’s innovative creativity has earned her numerous industry awards including the prestigious International Media Award.

Kristen earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of South Florida. She enjoys time with her family, exploring new foods, reading and being outdoors.


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Kristen Pfeifer

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