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Molly Saleh


Southern HIlls country Club

Tulsa, OK

most thoughtful


Molly Saleh is a PHR with 20 years of experience in Human Resources Management and Employee Relations.

She is passionate about cultivating a common sense of purpose and relatedness within the Southern Hills Country Club team through shared experiences and having fun together.

She holds an MS in Human Resources Development and Adult Education from Oklahoma State University. Molly and her husband, Eric, reside in Tulsa with their son, Evan (8), and daughter, Olive (6).

molly saleh — human resources director

One of the many reasons why Molly Saleh, Human Resources director of 17 years, has been chosen as the Most Thoughtful is her unrelenting passion to make what works better and to constantly offer new and creative ways to engage the club's most important assets, the staff.

Take for example, the Tulsa Run Employee Challenge (TREC) that inspired employees to focus on fitness and well-being. The Tulsa Run is a 40-year-old tradition that draws 10,000+ Tulsans each year to its 5K and 15K races.

To generate momentum,employees commit to seven weeks of self-improvement. Molly coordinated private "parties" such as spin, hot yoga and swim instruction at area businesses for employees to try something new with the security of their co-worker friends at no cost to them.

Employees discovered interests they could sustain independent of the Club after the conclusion of the program. Molly recruited three fitness-crazed managers (Fitness Director, Executive Sous Chef and Assistant Dining Room Manager) to coach beginning, intermediate and advanced participants through group runs and personalized "homework."

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TREC participants earned stamps for participating and, with 20 stamps, earned free registration into the Tulsa Run and other prizes.

The highlight of the program was "The Hunt," a scavenger hunt on foot in teams of four through downtown Tulsa. Twelve teams competed for first prize. At the beginning of The Hunt, teams were given sealed kits with puzzles to lead them to eight stops where they had to complete (fun) tasks to progress. For example, a cypher wheel clue led the teams to a pizzeria where they made a pizza and then rode a pedicab to deliver and donate the fresh, hot pizza to a soup kitchen.

The Hunt and the overall TREC program positively reinforced the Club's core value of teamwork, generated engagement and made memories for the staff while helping employees set and attain personal wellness goals.


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