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Betsy graduated from Ball State University with a degree in dietetics and her first job was as Miss Indiana 2000 and she dedicated her year as a spokesperson for her platform “A Healthy Beginning” a health educational tour sponsored by the Indiana Dept. of Education.

Betsy is a licensed and registered dietitian as well as a Certified Diabetes Educator. She specializes in diabetes, cardiac health, weight management, sports nutrition, and preventative health through nutrition therapy. Betsy recently started a healthy food company in 2012 called Betsy’s Best and specializes in gourmet nut & seed butters.



Healthy Concepts


Educating, coaching & mentoring private clubs

Betsy Opyt —

founder of Healthy Concepts and betsy's Best nut butters

The Culture of Community Driven Wellness

As a registered dietitian and advocate for preventative health, Betsy never saw her career in a healthcare system that only focused on treatment rather than prevention. When most people think of an Registered Dietician they think about individuals that write meal plans for those patients who need to lose weight or ward off a disease state through a specific food regimen. Betsy takes a different approach - her nutrition advice is to never get sick in the first place!

Nutrition prevention is key and a focus on a lifestyle change is the door that unlocks longevity, quality of life, and health. From farm to table and fork to mouth, food is the functionality and gateway to health.

My work as a health and lifestyle advocate has always come from my passion to connect and help others. I have walked the walk and talked the talk since the age of 14 when I decided to become a dietitian. I have now been a dietitian for 18 years and finally see the shift happening and the lifestyle change movement gaining momentum. You know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” well it takes a community to support a food movement.

I live in SW Florida where the club industry communities are everywhere. I can see the shift of interest to keep the members not only happy, but healthy and the seed has been planted for inspiring this movement. This supports individuals like myself who can come in and assess, consult and educate the staff and members to make these health changes.

My work in the communities has been everything from setting up employee wellness programs, involvement in health fairs, member lifestyle wellness courses, wellness challenges, teaching fitness classes, health immersions, grocery shopping tours, cooking classes, individual wellness evaluations along with club wellness initiatives. The bigger picture is to not just treat the one individual, but to create a community that supports the change and make the healthier choice easier to make. Education and motivation is the key and I use my background, knowledge and passion to unlock the possibilities and make lifestyle changes that will change your life.