PASSION : Magazine January/February 2018 Issue | Page 10

hugh duffy

from the reserve club

indian wells, CA

most supportive



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An active member of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and the Chaîne de Rôtisseurs, Chef Duffy knows that an important part of remaining relevant in this industry involves surrounding yourself with the opinions and ideas of other high-caliber chefs and professionals in the culinary world.

hugh duffy —

executive chef

Chef Hugh Duffy is not just your average chef. His passion for food and his ever-evolving skillset has elevated his cuisine to new heights and made his restaurants at the Reserve Club in Indian Wells (Chuperosa Grille and the Lakehouse), two premier culinary hotspots in the Coachella Valley.

However, catering to the members of one of the most exclusive country clubs in California means that Chef Duffy’s culinary expertise is enjoyed by only a select group of individuals, and they don’t mind that at all. The exclusivity ensures that each menu item is crafted and prepared with the utmost attention to detail, which is exactly how Chef Duffy runs his kitchen.

He believes that a well-functioning kitchen is one that constantly improves and evolves with current culinary trends, so it is no shock that he stresses the importance of continued education, of himself and his staff.

One of the newest trends to hit Duffy’s menu is the infamous “Impossible Burger,” which has been making waves at restaurants across the country, and touts a completely vegan, plant-based ingredient list and a flavor and textural combination that comes eerily close to that of a real beef patty.

Though it is important to stay up-to-date in the culinary world, another key influence in Chef Duffy’s cuisine is the voices of the members he cooks for. Speaking with the members and listening to their comments, suggestions, special requests, and food restrictions plays a huge factor in Duffy’s kitchen, and is one of the things that makes dining at his restaurants such a memorable experience.

Equally as important as his constantly evolving skillset is Chef Duffy’s mission to incorporate locally sourced ingredients as often as possible.

Duffy’s Sticky Toffee Date Cake, for example, is made with medjool dates grown right in the Coachella Valley where he works and resides.


According to Duffy, everyone in the kitchen should be committed to excelling their practice, learning new techniques and skills, and exploring new ingredients and flavor combinations.