Pasco-Hernando State College Volume XL, Issue II - Fall 2017 - Page 12

FOUNDATION NEWS H ernando County Sheriff’s Charities Board participants in 2015. This increase is directly reflective has provided a $3,000 contribution to of Hernando Sheriffs Charities prior investment in support at-risk youth designated toward the program. Concept College’s success promotes the PHSC Concept College program. Concept more than half of the program’s students reported College is a pre-collegiate drop-out prevention an interest in attending college after completing the program that engages high school students who are program. This includes 38% of participants enrolling typically economically disadvantaged, ethnic minority, at PHSC. pregnant, teen parents, migrant, disciplinary cases, retrieved dropouts or otherwise non-traditional, and who have minimal expectation of entering or graduating college. The program assists students transitioning their mindset to recognize higher education as a realistic option. Students are encouraged to graduate high school, enroll in a degree or certificate program, and create the opportunity for self- sufficiency through a sustainable livelihood. Student participation in Hernando County’s Concept College grew from 22 students in 2014 to 141 Continued funding assists covering the expense of transporting students from all five Hernando County High Schools to PHSC campuses. Visits include availability for students to tour the College and engage in potential programs and educational sessions. Hernando County Sheriff’s Charities has been an integral partner in youth focused programs for many years and is critical for the future success and growth of this program in Hernando County. Hernando County Sheriff’s Charities check presentation: Back Row: Paula Carrington, Michael Nickerson, Morris Porton, Michael Woodward, Richard Whitford, Sherry Adler-Whitford, John Rizzuto. Front Row: Dr. Bill Shustowski, Jr., PHSC Foundation Executive Director, Claire Cohn, PHSC Foundation Director of Development, Chris Pippenger, Jackie McCabe, Beverly Epstein, Robert Besterly, Janine Hammett, Donald Caquelin. HERNANDO COUNTY SHERIFF’S CHARITIES Continue Investment Toward At-Risk Youth 12 PHSC Perspective