Pasco-Hernando State College Volume XIV, Issue II Fall 2020 | Page 28

SCHOLARSH SPOTLIGHT: HOPE COR Charles E. Conger Top Ten GED Scholarship Hometown: Wesley Chapel, FL What influenced your decision to attend PHSC? My original plan was to attend another local college my mother attended. I changed my mind after being awarded the Foundation scholarship at my graduation. I could not pass up this amazing opportunity to attend PHSC. What are you studying? I am enrolled in the Associate in Arts program and plan to study biology. What is your fondest PHSC memory? I do not have a specific favorite memory, but when I look back at these past two years, I am grateful for the lasting bonds I have with my classmates, staff and faculty. Is there someone at PHSC that you admire and why? I admire everyone at PHSC. The faculty and staff are dedicated and down to earth. Rafael Hernandez is someone I admire who you can count on and does what he says he will. Ursula Petherbridge is one of the sweetest people I have had the chance to meet and gives the best advice. Dr. Kevin O’Farrell, Glynis Williams, Sarah Fede, Rick Kay, Helen Oderine, Luz Himelhoch, Natalie Epo, Dr. Timothy Beard and all my SGA advisors. These people and more have made the biggest impact on my life. I am grateful for them. What did receiving this PHSC Foundation scholarship mean to you? The scholarship allowed me to afford being a full-time student. It opened the door to meeting amazing people and being a part of SGA, FCSGGA, and many other clubs. Thanks to this scholarship I did not have to bear so much of the weight of student loans. What does the future hold for you? The future is something I look forward to. It will be an adventure! Currently, I want to be an Anesthesia Assistant. I do not know what doors will open for me in the future, but I am prepared to walk through all of them. Why do you think philanthropy matters? To be a philanthropist takes a special person. Donors generously provide their hard-earned money in order to help others. If it were not for philanthropists, many could not earn an education. I would have been less involved without this scholarship. It would have meant taking fewer classes and more work hours. Would you like to say anything to those who make scholarship opportunities happen for the students at PHSC? Thank you for helping me and many other students grow. Your faith in PHSC’s ability to make a difference in student’s lives has helped students achieve their dreams. I know you have not met me, but I hope you can understand how honored and grateful I am—You have changed my life! To support a deserving student, visit 26 PHSC