Pasco-Hernando State College Volume XIV, Issue II Fall 2020 | Page 26

DRIVE ASSISTS BAHAMA SCHOOLS After Hurricane Dorian ravaged the Bahamas on September 1, 2019, destroying at least 10 schools and displacing 10,000 children, PHSC faculty and staff contributed to a unique relief effort. PHSC’s School Supplies Drive was established by PHSC President Timothy Beard, inspired to help after speaking to PHSC Alumnus D’Angelo Ferguson ’95. Ferguson had described the unimaginable loss suffered by schools that were literally swept away by the storm. PHSC employees responded generously, purchasing backpacks, notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, and art supplies that filled 45 large boxes weighing 1,300 pounds. In addition, PHSC IT staff reconditioned 20 computers to like-new condition to include with the shipment of supplies. Pastor Dennis Gilbert of the Antioch Baptist Church, who had sponsored and housed Ferguson while he was a student at PHSC, volunteered to drive the truckload of materials to Miami. A Miami shipping company delivered the supplies at no cost to Nassau, where they are in storage until schools reopen. “We were still recovering from the devastation of Dorian when the pandemic hit,” said Ferguson, who heads the Alfred and Nancy Stuart Foundation in Nassau. “When it is safe for students to return to school, the supplies will be needed more than ever. We are touched by the compassion expressed by PHSC employees through the donation of these much-needed items for our schools.” PHSC Alumnus D’Angelo Ferguson receiving the Bahamas School Supplies Drive in Nassau. PHSC student volunteers, including PHSC Head Basketball Coach Micheal Jones and his team, helped load donations into a van that delivered the donated supplies to a Miami shipping company. 24 PHSC