Paranormal Life Sept 2014 | Page 4

Case Worker:

Someone who does well with managing paperwork, making phone calls, and speaking with people face-to-face. This person is whom your client first contacts. The case worker(s) will also inform clients’ whether or not you will conduct an investigation (based on a pre-screening process). A situation that might yield a negative response might be, for instance, the impression that the paranormal activity in a client’s home is linked with mental illness.

The Leader / Founder of the group:

This member must have a basic understanding of each job preformed so that they can determine whether someone is a good or bad candidate. They must have an understanding of laws, insurance, and permits required for founding a legitimate group. They must push the team to strive for making progress in the field and not simply conduct the same routine investigations over and over. This is also someone that you will be content to have as the face of your group.

EVP & EMF techs:

These members should be educated on proper use of their equipment as well. EMF meters are one of the most widely misused pieces of equipment. Many believe EMF = paranormal. I cannot stress enough getting to know your equipment and how to use it properly in the field.

There are other positions in groups depending on how you conduct investigations. Often teams will have a psychic while others prefer to have religious figures. There are some who have a member who is educated in first aid in the event of a member’s injury. No matter what the positions are, you do not want a team that does not work well with each other. You do not need to waste valuable time and energy keeping members from fighting amongst each other. This can be prevented in the screening process. Make sure all other team members feel this person should be added. Do not hire someone in your family or a personal friend that can later on be problematic. You will eventually have to decide between your family or friends and your team mates. This is a lose-lose situation. It is best to keep family and friends as guests on investigations if they insist on coming along.