Paranormal Life Sept 2014 | Page 3

The Photographer & Videographer:

The photographer or videographer should know all aspects of their equipment and field. This means knowing not only how to use their equipment but about the images themselves. Being aware of how equipment malfunctions can affect your evidence and what evidence cannot be caused by malfunctions is an important skill. For example, slow shutters account for a good percentage of the “paranormal” in images all across the Internet. So do dust, bugs, camera straps, and smoke.

The Technicians:

These are the members who are electronically savvy. They can hook up equipment and break it down unlike any other. These members should also have knowledge regarding the repairing of damaged equipment and possibly even the creation of their own equipment when necessary.

The Historian:

This is someone that is familiar with the history of the area. They should also have the capabilities of accessing the history of properties, old newspapers, and events that happened within the community. I strongly suggest an investment into certain websites that allow you to access this type of information if you are not able to access them freely and/or if your county keeps these documents private.

Professional Writer & Website Tech

This is someone who will be in charge of the website and/or any information that is released about the group. While most of us understand that we do not conduct research for profit or publicity, there will be times when you will need to release specific information. This person should be educated in copyright laws and such. A good website and a bad website can change a client’s opinion on how professional they believe you are. You will also need them to type-up any documents you plan to have the client sign to protect your group from legal issues - while still making the client feel protected enough to allow you to investigate.