PanPastel Lesson Plan No.2 - Page 2

LESSON PLAN Cloudscape with PanPastel 1. Using a Sofft Knife/Cover students should sketch basic shapes of clouds and land mass using Paynes 2. Using a Sofft Angle Slice Round sponge, students should begin applying Turquoise (580.5) to the paper starting at the 3. As they move down students should load some White (100.5) and/or Ultramarine Blue Tint (520.8) on their sponge 4. Using Sofft Tool (Sponge Bar or Oval Knife) students should begin adding Magenta Extra Dark (430.1) in a circular Grey Tint (840.7). top and working down, leaving drawn cloud areas mostly uncovered. (Sofft Sponge Bar shown). Begin blending the Turquoise, White & Ultra. Blue Tint by moving the sponge in a circular motion. If sponge becomes too saturated with color use a paper towel to clean off the sponge and to clean between colors. Apply Pastel Color Like Paint 2 motion to the underside of cloud forms. ®