PanPastel Lesson Plan No.2

LESSON PLAN No.2 Cloudscape with PanPastel Materials: Objectives: - Create a small cloudscape painting using PanPastel. - Apply knowledge of atmospheric perspective, layering color, blending Grade Level: Middle & High School Grades / Age 11-18 PanPastel Colors: Titanium White (100.5) Paynes Grey Tint (840.7) Turquoise (580.5) Burnt Sienna Tint (740.8) (or substitute with yellow tints) Magenta Extra Dark (430.1) Chromium Oxide Green Shade (660.3) Ultramarine Blue Tint (520.8) Grounds: Smooth heavyweight paper works best for this lesson. Several options can be used e.g. Pastelmat, Colourfix paper, basic pastel/drawing papers or illustration board Sofft Tools: Sofft Knife with Cover No. 3 (Oval), Angle Slice Round Sponge, and Sponge Bars Miscellaneous: Paper towels and eraser Pre-Lesson ideas: 1. Create a Power Point presentation with examples of cloudscape paintings found online (search for “cloud landscape” online) and cloudscape photography. Use examples from the lesson to create a step-by-step Powerpoint presentation or print out for students to use as reference images as they work. 2. Provide 1-2 color copies of the example image per table or project the image onto a screen in the classroom. 3. Explain to students how, due to the atmosphere, the sky color appears lighter towards the horizon - therefore their sky should be a gradation from light (at the skyline) to darker as it moves away from the land. Explain how the time of day/lighting affects the shadows on the clouds. Make sure students understand that the land mass will be darker because of the back lighting form. 4. Hold a teacher driven demonstration of how to apply and blend PanPastel (basic techniques at Related Terms To Know: Contrast Blending (gradation) Atmospheric Perspective PANPASTEL COLORS Apply Pastel Color Like Paint APPLY WITH TOOLS Lesson Plan Developed by: Megan Buccere, Visual & Performing Arts Dept. Head - Zachary High School Zachary, LA (USA) The Revolutionary New Way To Use Color 1