PanPastel Catalogue - Page 9

PREPARING TO PAINT Here are the basic materials suggested to begin using PanPastel : Kitchen (paper) towel For cleaning Sofft Tools between colors. PanPastel Colors Eraser placed in a palette tray to correct/ & Sofft Tools remove color Selection of papers (see page 18 for suggestions) FINISHING - FIXING/FRAMING Artwork created with PanPastel Colors should be treated as artwork created with soft pastel sticks for fixing, framing etc. PanPastel Colors work with all pastel compatible products including fixatives. Although it is not essential, any spray pastel fixative /varnish can be used to protect PanPastel artwork. Whether or not to use fixative and the technique chosen depends on personal preference and the working method. TIP Fixative can be used as a way to isolate previous layers of color, especially on smoother surfaces. PANPASTEL vs PASTEL STICK PanPastel and soft pastel sticks create different marks. Compared to sticks PanPastel is semi-transparent, mixable and low dust. It is also a quicker and cleaner way to achieve more uniform coverage for large blocks of color. 4-5 Times* More Coverage Than Sticks! *Pans contain 40% more than average pastel sticks, & yield at least 4-5 times more coverage. (Average, based on a survey of leading brands. See PanPastel Pastel Stick 8