PanPastel Catalogue - Page 12

Drawing PanPastel is popular for many drawing & sketching techniques. SUBTRACTIVE Tone paper using PanPastel and one of the larger Sofft Sponges (Angle Slice or Big Oval). Then use an eraser for subtractive drawing techniques. QUICK SKETCH PanPastel is a great way to render quick sketches for color studies, underpaintings etc. ONLINE CLASS TIP Change line weight by varying pressure on Sofft Tools. Also manipulate sponges and use edges for different size marks. IMAGE TRANSFER Sharlena Wood - “Drawing Wild Animals” - Craftsy Class 11 Easily transfer a drawing or image using PanPastel. A quick and easy alternative to using transfer paper. Print image onto lightweight paper. (E.g. photocopy paper). On reverse side of image - cover with a PanPastel earth color. Shown Red Iron Oxide Shade (380.3) Place image, right side up, on top of desired transfer surface. Using a blunt tipped instrument, trace carefully along outline of printed image. Lift paper. Image is now transferred to desired surface.