2. Try to reach out to support networks let them know whats going on,so that if anything in the future happens you have talked about your concerns with other people an they can back up your side.

3. Look into parenting courses and enrol in them,you can always learn more as a parent.

4. Always state that your child/ren is the most important factor here an that you don't want them falling through the cracks or seen as a 'problem'.

5. If you have a good relationship with your GP then discuss with him your concerns about the child an what can be done, he or she may suggest a referral to ICAHMS(infant,child,adolescent mental health services) or CDC(child development center).

This is what I done before the professional who wanted to do a referral for a psychologist could get one done. My child was referred to ICAHMS by my GP, a needs assessment was completed an the findings of that assessment concluded it is developmental and not a result of parenting. My child has now been referred to the child development center for developmental assessments.

6. Never give up,perseverance is really key when go through this roller-coaster ride.