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RESOUNDING The Mr. William Saunders John and Gioia Sawchuk Terrence Sawyer SC&H Group, LLC Ellen Schaefer Susan Scharf Mr. Wayne R. Schaumburg Ms. Irma Schechter Ms. Ann Scheck Amy Bober-Schenerman and Mark Schenerman Mr. Benjamin Scherer Joanne Schmader and Michael Casassa John and Deborah Schmidt Linda Schmidt The Honorable Kurt L. Schmoke and Dr. Patricia L. Schmoke, MD Greg and Pauline Schneider Ms. Jean Schoenleber Dr. Hendrik P. Scholl Dee and Robert Schuette Rick and Tracey Schultz Fred and Janet Schutzman Jim and Charlene Schwark Eleanor Schwark Mr. Neil Herbert Schwartz Frederick and Kathleen Schwarz Barbara Schweizer Mr. James Scott Lyndi Scott-Strite Mr. Wayne Scott Paula Seabright and Gabriel Hightower Second Presbyterian Church of Baltimore Mrs. Sarah Sedlak Clair Segal Dr. Priya Sekar Valerie Serrall Ms. Alexis Seth Maxine Seyboth Judith Shamir M. Sigmund and Barbara Shapiro Ronald and Kathryn Shapiro Stephen and Anita Shaw Ms. Joanne Shea Mark and Lauren Sheehan Dr. Louise Sheiner Ms. Martha E. Shelhoss Ms. Barbara Shelhoss Stephen Shepard and Peggy Hetrick Ms. Patricia Shiflett Ms. Gloria Shin Ms. Mary Shine Lucia Shoemaker and John Schwab Samuel and Josephine Shore Mr. Craig Shore Burdette and Judith Short Alexander and Patricia Short Mr. Sheldon Shugarman Mrs. Virginia G. Shuger Richard and Francine Shure Leonard and Virginia Siems Jean Silber Rachel Silber Ms. Gillian Silver Morton and Harriet Silverstein Mrs. Alyssa Silverstein Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Simms Ms. Marjorie B. Simon Mrs. Elizabeth Simon-Higgs Mrs. Muriel Simon Wendy and Mike Singer Ellwood and Thelma Sinsky 40 OV E R T U R E / BSOmusic.org Campaign for the Barbara and Joseph Skillman Dr. and Mrs. James W. Slack Jacqueline and Phill Slavney Ms. Beth Slepian John S. Slifka Mr. John R. Sliger Ms. Anne Sloan Jaime Slocum The Honorable and Mrs. James T. Smith Elizabeth and Claire Smith Karen and Michael Smith Ms. Nancy E Smith Norman and Rona Smith Ms. Patricia M Smith Mr. Graylin Smith Mr. James Smith Dr. and Mrs. William Smulyan Lee and Gloryann Snyder Ms. Shirley Snyder Ms. Stephanie Snyder Ms. Joan Sobkov Richard and Lorna Solomon Alfred and Jill Sommer Joyce and Yeong Song Ms. Geetika Sood Southwest Airlines Courtney Spangler Dr. Frank Sparandero Ms. Betty Spear Speedwell Foundation Scott and Heather Speert Ms. Suzanne Spencer Don Spero and Nancy Chasen Kimberly Spiro Mrs. Mary T. Sprow Ms. Teerada Sripaipan Eric and Karen Stahl Barbara and Frederick Stam Terry and Deborah Stambaugh Michael and Katherine Stanka Jerrica Stanley Wilma and Lee Starkey Mr. Charles Starkey Joan Stearman Ms. Patricia Stephens Ronald and Susie Stern Ms. Andrea Stern Stephen and Sue Sternheimer Deborah Stetson Alexandra Stevens Susan Stewart Shale Stiller and Ellen Heller Ms. Carrie Wilson Stockwell Ms. Shirley H. Stokes Corey Stone Ms. Jacquelyn Stone Geary L. Stonesifer Mr. Thomas Stosur David and Susan Straus Ms. Angela M. Strope Jeffrey and Erin Strovel Ms. Harriet Stulman Mrs. Bonnie Stump Ms. Barbara Styrt Dr. Robert Summe Dr. Edward Syron Dr. Michael Szedlmayer Ms. Margaret Taliaferro Ms. Sharron D. Tan James and Carolyn Tancock Ms. Milagritos Tapia Mr. Benjamin D. Tauber BSO’s Second Centur y Ms. Holly Ann Taylor Ms. Angel Terol Mr. Andrew J. Tesoro Ms. Claudia Tesoro David and Carolyn Thayer Ms. Debra Therit Ms. Susan Beth Thomas Thomas Wilson Foundation Dr. Freeda Thompson Mr. Fred Thomsen Ms. Carrie Thornbery Amy and Eric Tich Ms. Karline Tierney Maria and Chuck Tildon Mrs. Anne Tilmes Sarah Titus Ms. Elizabeth J. Toole Mrs. Normina L. Torres Towson University Alice Tracy Carol Traub Travelers Foundation Jim and Karen Trennepohl True Q, LLC Ms. Carole Trump Ms. Kristen Tubman Robin and Harold Tucker Stanley and Cynthia Tucker Ms. Kelley Tucker Rebecca Tucker Kathy Tugendhat Ms. Kathryn Turner Kristin and Rex Turner Mr. Donald Tynes, Sr Evans and Rose Tyson Uber James and Therese Ulmer Ms. Marlene Underwood United Way Central MD United Way Of Greater Kansas City Dana Valery Ms. Kathryn Vaselkiv Mr. Eric Veiel Venable LLP Eric and Noreen Victor Marguerite and Umberto VillaSanta Jan and Robert Wagner Frank and Jane Walker Kent and Suzanne Walker Ms. Doris Walker Mr. Harley Walker Ms. Christine L. Wallace David and Chris Wallace Ms. Catherine A. Walsh Ms. Jacqueline Walsh Eleanor and Michael Walton Ms. Frances Warner John and Susan Warshawsky Mr. and Mrs. David Warshawsky Mrs. Manuele D. Wasserman Leland and Marjory Watermeier Ms. Tracy Watkins Ms. Barbara J. Watson Michelle and Trevin Wear Elizabeth and John Weaver Meg and Paul Weber Lisa and Paul Webster Lazar Wechsler and Kaethe Wechsler-Jentzsch The Wednesday Club Francie Weeks and Scott Shane Wen Wei Cara Weiman Mr. Howard Weinberg D’Arcy and Bruce Weinberger Brian and Karen Weinstein Sheldon and Harriet Weinstock Ilene and Stephen Weiss Mr. Fred Weiss Mr. Joseph Weiss Marie Wells Ms. Qiana Wells Dr. Toni Wengerd Christopher and Anne West Westhoff Family Foundation Ms. Sheila Wexler Calbraith and Aimee Wheaton Marvina Whethers Ms. Louise M. White Ms. Rita B. Whiting Mr. Kenneth Whitley Mrs. Mary Ellen Whitman Gerard Whitmore Scott and Mary Wieler Mr. Thomas Wilcox Mr. Eugene Wilkins Jeri S. Wilkins Mr. R. Adam Williams Margaret D. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Ray Williams Ms. Judith D. Willner Ms. Caroline Wilner Judy and Fred Wilpon Ms. Felecia Wilson William and Mary Beth Wilson Susan Savits Winson Ricco Winters Mr. Daniel Wise Frank Witter and Mary Forbes Witter Allen Wolf Mrs. Melissa Wolf Woman’s Club of Roland Park Mr. Ken Wong Mr. Ken Woodbury Ms. Sarah Woodson Mrs. Sandra Wool Ms. Barbara Worsham John and Ann Wotell Ms. Frances Ann Wright Wright Family Foundation Dr. Andrea Wurster Mattie Wynne Nicholas and Ellen Yancich Ellen Yankellow and Bill Chapman Rong Ye and Max Hu Charles and Carol Yoder Ms. Eileen Yoffe Kyle and Melissa Yoon Ellen Yorke Michael and Barbara Young Mr. Neil Young Pamela Young Paul and Deborah Young-Hyman Norman and Mary Youskauskas Robert and Miriam Zadek Ms. Ellen Kahan Zager Joanne Zarling Ms. Marya Zeigler Mr. Shawn Zeigler Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Zenilman Lydia Zieglar Steve Ziger The Estate of Dr. Mildred Zindler Jeff Zoller * Deceased