Our Patch Autumn 2017 Chiswick - Page 13

8 SOUTHFIELD ROAD BAT O N RD CHISW ICK HIGH ROAD 3 CE T 2 ELLESMERE ROAD HOG A RT H GR LANE CH D CHISW IC K HO US E AND G AR DE NS ROA E EDE NSO A R RO D 6 AN N L TO RIV DUKE S M ME E ADO WS ERS IDE DRIV E DUK ES MEADOW S T R OA 9 UR CH ST D A4 4 Maverick & WolF 150 Chiswick High Road www.maverickandwolf.com 5 oMnide architect 45 Ramsay Road www.omnide.com 6 ash island loFts Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Rd www.ashislandlofts.co.uk 8 crucial caFÉ Airedale Avenue www.crucialfood.com/pages/cafe 9 Fuller’s breWerY The Griffi n Brewery, Chiswick Lane www.fullers.co.uk 10 big YelloW storage 961 Great West Road www.bigyellow.co.uk CHISWICK CEMETERY 3 big JiM’s triMs 6 Devonshire Road www.bigjimstrims.com 7 hogarth health club Airedale Avenue www.thehogarth.co.uk G BURLI N W4 AD RO Y LE E AN ST AV E Chiswick LD RFIE STE C HE T W EA ES D HOMEFIELD RECREATION GROUND EE FRA 3 STR SER 7 8 D 1 BARROWGATE ROAD WAVENDON AVENUE ALWYN AVENUE S G E LEB ET TRE A D TERR 1 toP hat drY cleaners 20 Devonshire Road www.tophatchiswick.co.uk 2 claYton hotel 626 Chiswick High Road www.claytonhotelchiswick.com 4 FIEL HEATH MO 1 CHISWICK COMMON OM Stamford Brook K C FLANDERS ROAD Turnham Green IC AD IS W O H R ADE PAR UTH E SO As local business owners, Paul and John are proud to recommend the best local businesses in W4. For more information and exclusive offers, visit www.hortonandgarton.co.uk NUE E AD AD CH TURNHAM GREEN OA PAR ACTON GREEN COMMON RO hiswick Park OD R SOUTH ROA D RD OA H ROAD S R G BED FO FIELDING ROAD BLANDFORD ROAD AD D IN G ROAD VAN BU AN O TR SC FIEL horton and Garton is proud to support LocaL chiswick Business 5 ROAD T RO AD TH RO H KFIELD D SOMERSET ROA R O AT LD HI BROO SPELDHURS 5 Acton our Patch AUTUMN 2017 SOUTHFIELDS P LAY ING FIELDS 11 the laW house 8 Kew Bridge Road www.thelawhouse.com horton and garton Chiswick Offi ce, Gable House 18-24 Turnham Green Terrace www.hortonandgarton.co.uk