Onsite Insites by SatisFacts Research 2015 - 2nd Quarter - Page 11

The findings were fascinating – with significant changes in some areas – and some real surprises regarding the importance of things such as social media, ratings and reviews, and what drives leasing and renewals. For example, the results helped answer a variety of hot multifamily topics such as: In evaluating the results, we saw that there were two primary takeaways. When you read these, think about yourself, how you should, your personal decision making criteria – because today’s online renters are no different than what you desire as a consumer: 1. • • • • • • • • Did you know that 60.1% of all renters used a smart phone or tablet during their recent search (up from 26.3% in 2011)? How has the usage of ILS, review sites, apartment guides and social media changed in apartment searches? For example, the percent of residents now using ratings and review sites in their search is up to 45.4%. Are you surprised that being able to view an actual apartment available to lease was the #1 rated factor that impacts rental decisions? And that viewing furnished models was only #12? Were you aware that on 11.8% of apartment shoppers trust ads? What do residents trust and how important is transparency in apartment marketing? What percent of residents want property staffs to communicate with them via texting? The results will surprise some, and disappoint others. How much do residents follow and interact with their community on social media, and what are they using? The results will be shocking to many. How important is it for community teams to respond to positive and negative online reviews? The findings were significant but should not be surprising if one steps back and thinks about our experiences reading reviews. Would you expect that a whopping 50.3% do not trust review sites where all or most of the reviews are positive? Given that some ILS permit cherry picking reviews, the results should raise some eye brows and have one question possible decisions that impact transparency to today’s savvy shopper. 2. Residents want transparency not marketing. For example, they want: unfiltered reviews so they can make their own judgments (the majority do not trust ILS sites that offer property management companies the ability to “cherry pick” which reviews to post); to tour actual vacant apartments that available to lease; they don’t trust marketing, ads or social media pages. What the results show they are saying is: “Cut the fluff, give me the info, and let me make an informed decision for myself.” Our in \