Onsite Insites by SatisFacts Research 2015 - 2nd Quarter | Page 10

a word from Doug... The 2015 “Today’s Online Renter Study” In 2011 we conducted our groundbreaking Today’s Online Renter Study. At that time, due to the constantly changing personal technology landscape (i.e. the smartphone you buy today is obsolete in a year or two) we planned on revisiting the study. We wanted to conduct the industry’s first study that could identify trends to see what changes had occurred regarding the shopping behaviors, preferences and needs over a four year period. And thus the 2015 study! In evaluating the results from the twenty property management companies that participated, we reviewed findings by age, rent, region, and also 2015 versus 2011 to identify trends. The study covered a variety of topics: • Shopping and the Rental Decision • The Resident Experience – Communication and Service • Ratings and Reviews • Social Media • The Renting Lifestyle and Renewal Decision CLICK HERE for more information on the “Today’s Online Renter Study” e-book.