Onsite Insites by SatisFacts Research 2015 - 2nd Quarter | Page 9

We sure do ask a lot of our residents, don’t we? • Don’t pay your rent late. • Don’t destroy your apartment home. • Don’t disturb your neighbors with loud noises. • Don’t turn a blind eye to suspicious activity at the community. • Don’t walk your dog without a leash. • Don’t let your children run around unsupervised. • Don’t forget to report maintenance issues immediately. • Don’t grill on the balcony. The list goes on and on. Before a resident can take occupancy of an apartment home, they must first agree to the terms of the lease. Contained within its pages, the lease stipulates all sorts of rules, guidelines and demands. What if residents asked us to sign an agreement? Something that details their “list of demands”? As varied as these wants/needs could be, they ultimately relate back to two areas: communication and maintenance. Don’t believe me? Check out your community’s ratings and reviews even some of the less obvious themes link back to communication and/or maintenance. Here are two examples: RENT IS TOO HIGH – Complaints about rent are common on review sites. When residents are dissatisfied about rent, fees, WF2