Onsite Insites by SatisFacts Research 2015 - 2nd Quarter | Page 6

education schedule FREE 30-Minute Web Series! the 3rd Thursday of every month 12pm EST…11am CST…9am PST CLICK DATES TO REGISTER OR VIEW RECORDING It’s time to get those residents up for renewal off the fence! APRIL 23 MAY 21 JUNE 18 #MakeItSTOP #EnvyME #InstaBROKE One and Done Solutions to Recurring Complaints Renters with a Homeowner’s Mentality Is Price Really a Factor? You've heard the definition for insanity: repeating the same behavior and expecting different results. And yet, sometimes in property management we do just that. Residents need an onsite hero to save them from repeat problems. Learn how you can save the day, establish trust and help residents make an easy decision when it's time to renew. Pride in ownership isn't just for home owners. Apartment residents want and need to be proud of their community - they want to show off and be the envy of their friends too! During this webinar, we'll discuss the 3 things every management team can do to instill pride in their residents and make your community the talk of the town! Residents facing renewal, and a rental increase, have much to consider. Is it all about the money? When the price outweighs the lifestyle or the lure of new construction entices residents to consider moving, it's time to get back to basics. This session highlights the #1 driver for value along with ready to implement strategies to get your residents to see beyond dollars and cents.