On the Pegs - November 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 11 - November 2022 | Page 60

would take top honors with seven points , followed by German ( Franz Xaver Kadlec , Joschka Kraft , Paul Reumschussel ) in second with 10 points , and Austria ( Marco Mempor , Fabio Schollar , and Philipp Wimmer ) rounding out the podium with 17 points .
“ I didn ’ t expect everything to be man-made ,” explained Alex Myers . “ Some of the sections were gimmes , and some were a little bit more difficult , but everything was cleanable . Our first loop was pretty sloppy . In the first third of the loop , I had two unfortunate fives that caused a couple of points ; I think Josh cleaned them , but Daniel took some points . I ’ ve been working a lot on my no-stop , so I just relied on my training , took my time , and actually cleaned my act up considerably . Unfortunately , it was pretty much as soon as I cleaned up my act , another one of us started making mistakes , so we could never really get consistent .
“ It had rained the day prior , so it was still slick , but by the second loop , it started to dry out ; everyone was riding better and we really cleaned up pretty well . Personally , I can say my last loop was clean ; I ’ m really happy with how I ended the day . I ’ m super happy with my team ; I think we fought really well , it just wasn ’ t in the cards this year .”
In the Womens Championship , Spain was able to claim a second victory ,