On the Pegs - July 2021 On the Pegs - Volume 6 Issue 7 | Page 68

stack it high ! Any source of fish is extremely nutrient dense , but our favorite ‘ go to ’ is tuna . It ' s easy , and doesn ’ t need much prep . Add it to a salad or sandwich .
Lastly , dinner ! We are sweet potato addicts , and here is why . It ’ s so easy to throw in the microwave , its loaded with nutrients and carbs and has so much flavor ! Paired with proteins like chicken breast and or even a red meat , along with any vegetable that can also be steamed in the microwave makes for a complete whole meal win . Sounds typical , but when you ’ re on the road , finding meat to cook can be difficult . A grocery store rotisserie chicken or even canned chicken sometimes has to suffice . Keep in mind , this is still a much healthier option than going out to eat ! ( and cheaper !)
At this point I ’ m sure you ’ re wondering , what about a cheat meal ? We do believe in cheat meals and indulging when the time is right !
Prepping food for traveling and being away from home is like having
another part time job . The amount of time and energy spent buying food , figuring out how to make it , and even storing it takes a lot of time . Why do we do it ? The healthy habits we create for ourselves is not always the easy path ! We have realized over the years of traveling that there are many pieces to the puzzle of sustaining this lifestyle and one of the biggest pieces is having a healthy diet .