On the Pegs - July 2021 On the Pegs - Volume 6 Issue 7 | Page 142

Idaho Trials

A Growing Passion for a Growing State


words by : Michelle Webb photos by : Michelle Webb , Mike MacKeage ( MKM Creations ), and Houston Hey
My husband and I came to this beautiful state in 2006 from Georgia and could not be happier with the unique experience and quality of life it provides . In that time , we have seen it explode in growth with no signs of slowing down . This growth certainly has positives and negatives . One big positive is gaining more trials riders and those who want to try trials ! Idaho has long been known as a great state for off-road riding , so the trials potential was a no brainer .
Unfortunately , neither of us grew up in trials families or started out riding trials motorcycles . Instead , we began riding street bikes , road race bikes , then dirt bikes and dualsport / adventure bikes . Finally we found trials . Basically , the complete opposite order of what we would now recommend to anyone !
Like many , you start to see a common denominator with those that are most skilled in the off-road world . That common denominator is an extensive trials background . After the initial retraining to remove our bad habits , trials stopped feeling like work and we became totally hooked ! We also started wondering why such a gem of a state lagged behind when it came to exposure to the sport . There was definitely a need that was sorely unmet . But why go through the effort ? The answers are simple and understood for those of you that have long been involved . The excitement and joy you see and can share with riders that are brought into the sport ! This is particularly true for riders who are skilled in other off-road disciplines who soon realize there is some skill lacking because they never learned trials . Or you hear of riders who