On the Pegs - August 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 8 - August 2022 | Page 82

people in this hard section . But then my fan would quit working , I would overheat , and then I end up wasting time fixing it , and those four people passed me right back .
It was this kind of off / on struggle all day . I ended up getting about three quarters of the way through the first lap before time was up . Still put me in 17th overall , which is kind of ridiculous how 17 people only made it three quarters of the lap .
RORR has big , slippery rocks . They ' re big and they ' re pretty stuck in the ground . Sugarloaf was the opposite . All the rocks were maybe the size of a portable grill , and they all moved . Everything moved and
it rained the night before the main event . So everything ' s moving . They ribboned the course in really tight , steep , rocks for a long , long time for a hill . And it ' s just nonstop .
I didn ' t really pace myself that well because while trying to deal with this fan issue , I was trying to go super fast to try to make up for what I did . By the end I was getting pretty drained . It was really hard . I saw a lot of the top riders also really pushing it to the limit . They ' re going so much further and faster than I am , but still they ' re just absolutely maxed out .
There ' s an Enduro Cross section that was kind of a strong point for