ON Chiropractic Fall 2014 | Page 17

ON Chiropractic these sites for reviews of your clinic to get a sense of what people are saying about you. Positive reviews may describe your clinic’s strengths in a way you hadn’t previously considered. By paying attention to the things your patients appreciate about your care, you may identify a new target market or a particular feature of your clinic that you can showcase in a compelling way. Now, not all patient reviews are positive. It can be difficult to read a less than glowing review, but they offer an opportunity to publicly demonstrate your commitment to a great patient experience. If you can address the patient online, do so gently. It is also important to consider whether a negative review has any truth to it. What can you learn from this patient’s experience? Remember to keep an eye on overall trends rather than focusing too much on a single review. Excellent patient care is a daily practice, and each day is a fresh start. Not a Techie? We're Here for You Along with your website, social media helps patients decide whether you are the health care provider for them. But not every chiropractor has experience with social media and it can be intimidating at first. The OCA offers two main tools to help you get started: • Free OCA webinars are available regularl