ON Chiropractic Fall 2014 | Page 16

Marketing O N LIN E MARK ETING T he internet is a big place and there are new online marketing options emerging every day. It can be hard to keep up. We recommend three tried and true strategies to boost your online profile and steer potential patients to your website. Google+: Put Yourself on the Google Map 1 • Protect Your Brand from Imposters: If you’re not controlling your Google+ page, who is? Even if you’ve never visited Google+ before, your clinic likely already has a page there. Surprised? Google+ is automatically populated from Google’s search index. Your business’s location and hours may already be listed, but they may not be accurate or presented the way you’d like them to be. User activity on Google+ lags far behind other platforms, but it is still an important part of any online marketing strategy. Here are the three main reasons your business should be on Google+: • Get Your Business on Google Maps: Have you ever noticed the businesses listed on Google Maps when you zoom in? Once you verify your clinic’s Google+ page by phone or postcard, it can be added to Google Maps. This will make it easier for patients to get directions to your clinic. • Verify Your Business with Google: If you are active and verified on Google+, your business will be considered more established and relevant and your search results will show up higher on Google Search. Remember that the first 10 results for any search will receive 99% of the clicks. Take ownership of your Google+ page by clicking on Edit details in the Contact Information section. The next page will ask “Is this your business?” Click Manage your page to get started. 2 Facebook & Twitter: Socialize Your Business Your business’s Facebook Page and Twitter account will help patients get to know you online. The Millennial generation (today’s 20- and 30-somethings) is most present on these networks, but engagement is rising across all generational groups. If you are new to social media, Facebook is a great place to start. Start with an Optimized Website Before you direct traffic to your website through social media, ensure that it is welcoming and easy to use. Can new patients book an appointment with you quickly? The OCA offers the following resources: • Read Web Design: Seizing the Zero Moment of Truth in the Spring 2014 issue of ON Chiropractic: joom.ag/9oeb/p14 • Watch our webinar on Building a Great Website for Your Practice online: www.chiropractic.on.ca/event/building-a-great-website-for-your-practice 16 FALL 2014 Facebook and Twitter offer a perfect opportunity to showcase your clinic’s strengths through the links you share. Consider the patients you see each week and the tools and articles they would find useful. These may include articles about common sports injuries, workplace ergonomics, osteoarthritis or recommendations for improving posture. As you link to useful articles with interesting images and videos, people will share or re-tweet your updates and you will gain more visibility on these networks. If your clinic has a Facebook Page, you have access to Facebook Insights. This tool provides demographic information about your followers and the type of people who engage with your updates. This will help you determine whether or not your updates are reaching your target audience. Not only will a presence on social media help you to build and strengthen your relationships with patients, regular activity on social networks is beneficial for search engine optimization. When using social media, keep your professional and personal profiles separate and ensure that patient privacy and standards of practice are maintained. 3 Online Patient Reviews: Word of Mouth Word of mouth has always been an important component of your clinic’s reputation, and online word of mouth is widely accessible. Patient reviews on sites like Yelp and RateMDs can be very helpful to your clinic’s growth. Keep an eye on