OMS Global Impact Report Global Impact Report 2018-19 - Page 20

A short-term team was working in the El Tapón neighborhood in Colombia. The people there were physically and spiritually depressed. As they spent time there, sharing the Gospel, they developed a relationship with Rocío. She invited them to her home, where the team shared a Train & Multiply study from the “Good News” booklet. The Circle of Disciple-Making Train & Multiply They continued to visit, and many of Rocío’s family believed in Jesus. They began using the discipleship booklet, “Follow the Lord Jesus Christ.” The family was eager to learn, and they continued to invite others to the studies. Every Community for Christ Every Community for Christ is the church planting catalyst of One Mission Society. In addition to Train & Multiply, ECC uses Village Church Planting and Training 4 Trainers to multiply dynamic communities of believers in more than 50 countries. 20 OMS Global Impact Report le ak kn k pia rna wn te Ca Karh After studying about baptism, Rocío and another family member decided to get baptized. OMS Colombian partners have begun training them to share what they are learning with others using a leadership development booklet. They are now meeting regularly in Rocío’s home as a house church. As they continue to meet, they are praying about which neighborhood to evangelize next.