OJCL Torch Winter 2019 | Page 17

A Tribute to the Columbus Academy Latin Club Parliamentarian Marcus Grewal, Columbus Academy While we may not be the biggest chapter, the Columbus Academy Latin Club has always been an incredible Latin community. Many OJCL legends, like Bobby McDonald, hail from Academy. Over the years, I have realized that the greatest thing about the Academy Latin Club is our traditions, whether old or new. Therefore, I want to thank Academy Latin by listing five of my favorite school Latin traditions. #5 #4 Gladiator Fights Every year, Academy holds a Club Fair in the Fall, in which each of the school’s clubs may set up a table to attract more members. Recently, the Academy Latin Club has made a tradition out of setting up some sort of gladiator fight game. This can range from stepping on balloons tied to ankles in an “Achilles Heel” fashion, to full out (foam) sword fights. This year, our games were so popular that they had to be closed early to give the other clubs more attention. Latin 5 Skit The Latin V class has the honor of creating and competing in the OJCL skit competition each year. This tradition gained school-wide attention a few years back when a particularly hilarious skit was performed during the school talent show. Though this year’s skit may not be quite as legendary as the skit from three years ago, we hope to continue this tradition on a funny note. #3 Hosting Fall Forum #2 MLK Day Service Events #1 Top: Col s Aca y de te pe r g t e ro ca at t e 2018 OJ Con t o Mid : Lud oc r du g t e Fal For  Bot : Stu t p a n Cer n, su n e b t e qu of t e Lat ro Though this tradition is fairly new, the Columbus Academy Latin Club has been thrilled to have hosted Fall Forum for the past three years. It is a great way to bring the whole community together for a day of fun, and we couldn’t be more happy to establish this as a long lasting tradition. Every MLK Day, the Latin Club teams up with the Academy Service Board to coordinate a Project Linus service event followed by Certamen. This tradition was actually started by my brother, Nick. This year, we switched it up by baking bread to be donated as a service project. It turned out to be a great new way to stay warm and serve our community! Latin Room Quotes Perhaps the most unique thing about the Academy Latin Club is our Latin room. Every square foot of the room is covered in Latin graffiti, some of which is over 25 years old. Seniors are allowed to add a quote upon graduation, leaving behind a piece of Academy history. This is by far my favorite tradition, and I can’t wait to add my quote later this year.