OJCL Torch Winter 2019 | Page 12

What to Expect at Your First OJCL Convention (And Why You Should Come in The First Place) Secretary Andrew Cahall, Columbus Academy I remember it like it was yesterday. The ballroom doors opened in front of me, revealing a sea of toga-clad teenagers babbling in Latin and circling each other in coordinated formations. “It’s a cult,” I thought to myself. “I’m really about to spend an entire weekend in a cult.” After recovering my senses from what amounted to a classical-culture shock during General Assembly, I proceeded into my first OJCL certamen round... and got waxed. No really, my Columbus Academy compatriots and I put up a whopping 10 points, while I’m pretty sure that the Summit team across from us totaled a number in the mid-100s. I guess one could say that little 8th grade me was not having the best of times at his first OJCL convention.