OJCL Torch Spring Torch 2019 | Page 24

Things I Want to See in North Dakota Former Central Gubernator Ali Winters This year, NJCL is in North Dakota. I am extremely excited to see/do the following things. 1. I want to know what a bison sounds like. Does it moo like a cow? Does it roar like a lion? What does the bison say? 2. I really want to see a bison. Living in Columbus, I believe that this may be my only opportunity to see one in real life and I am going to take advantage of it. 3. I want to take a picture with a bison. That being said, I do not want to be trampled, so I may have to settle with taking a picture with a bison statue. 4. Did you know that the bison is North Dakota State University’s mascot? In short, I am excited for the bison. Here's hoping that Ali and other JCLers get to see the illustrious bison when in North Dakota! 24