OJCL Torch Spring Torch 2019 | Page 23

#5 #6 #7 #8 23 Look at graphic arts. If you enjoy seeing graphic arts at state convention, you will also want to see projects at nationals. The projects at nationals are outstanding, and you can also register your graphic arts entries. Bring your yelling voice. Spirit at OJCL convention is fun, but spirit at nationals is much more energetic. The OJCL delegates are competing against other states to be the loudest. Note, you may want to bring a drink to refresh your voice after shouting. Try Ludi/Olympika. At nationals, you have an opportunity to participate in sporting events, like track, field, swimming, and much more. Those would be considered Olympika. However, if you are not athletic or that competitive, you can participate in Ludi. Either way, you could still meet someone and become friends. Try to get some sleep. Every night, there is fellowship, and you end up getting back to the dorms late at night, but try to sleep. You want to make sure you’re well rested for all the fun activities that happen during the day and maximize the time socializing with others.