OJCL Torch Spring Torch 2019 | Page 16

5 Tips to Make Your AP Latin Life Easier President Ryan Burns, Summit Country Day 1 Memorize vocabulary as you go.  When you translate fifteen to twenty lines per night AND you have to look up almost every vocabulary word in those lines, the assignment takes much longer than it should.  If you have a solid basis of vocabulary, then AP Latin will be a much easier road. 2 Try to keep a positive attitude.  I know this can be very difficult because of how many lines there are in the AP Latin syllabus; however, if you manage to stay positive throughout the year, all the hard work will feel more rewarding. 3 Trust your teacher.  When your teacher says, “Everything will be fine,” or “Maybe this way is a little more beneficial,” you should listen to them because they know what they’re talking about.  They are here to help you succeed, and their infinite wisdom is something that we as students should take to heart. 4 Review at the end.  When it comes time to study for the AP exam, be as productive as possible while reviewing.  You wouldn’t want to waste all that hard work throughout the year just because you didn’t go back and study before the national exam.  Review is hard work that will pay off in the end. 5 Make some friends in your Latin class.  If you are not already friends with the people in your class, then AP Latin is an easy way to meet new people.  The shared experience of AP Latin brings people closer together because of all the hard work that must be put in for success. I hope these suggestions make your AP Latin life a little simpler.  Happy studying! 16