OJCL Torch Spring Torch 2019 | Page 15

A Gubernatorial Goodbye Former North Gubernator Emma Davis Soles occidere et redire possunt. Known for his sappiness and thousands and hundreds of kisses delivered to his dear Lesbia, who could have predicted that Catullus could so perfectly summarize my feelings on leaving the JCL? I have spent my entire high school career within this phenomenal organization, and it pains me to leave it. Yet I know that as my term for North Gubernator comes to a close, the next Guber will be rising to the occasion. Still, I would like to offer my (debatably) sage advice before my own sun sets on the JCL, and rises on the SCL. Firstly, try everything! Before you know it, your time with the Junior Classical League will also be at an end, and you don’t want to have any regrets. Watch certamen, attend colloquia, enjoy ludi, and make lasting memories. I know I have and I would not have it any other way! Secondly, consider running for office; the executive board is a multi-faceted organization that is more fun than can possibly be described. If you are a motivated individual who is passionate about leadership and the classics, please consider running. We could certainly use you! This brings me to my final articulation; my personal sun rising again on the world of the Classics. I am thankful to say that I don’t have to say goodbye to all of you, merely a see you later. I will be joining you once more as 2019-2020 Editor of the Senior Classical League. Slashers, the SCL is a wonderful opportunity for you to allow your own sun to rise again. Gratias tibi ago JCL! 15