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Editing Softwares As the photographer, you may be asked to provide photos or create videos for social media purposes. On occasion, it's nice to edit the photos (add text or filter, etc). Below is a list of some photo editing apps and video editing softwares. Afterlight is a free phone app stocked with filters, light leaks, and much more! Adobe has a lot of great options when it comes to video editing softwares. Adobe Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements are both awesome programs! Premiere Pro costs $29.99 a month. Adobe Photoshop is the most iconic of the photo editing programs out there. Ranging from simple editing to completely transforming a picture, Photoshop can do pretty much anything! Photoshop CC costs $29.99 a month. DaVinci Resolve is a FREE video editing software that anyone can download. It works very well compared to all the pricey high-end editors: and it doesn't leave a watermark when you're done editing!