OH! Magazine - Australian Version October 2018 - Page 11

HOW TO ENSURE A HEALTHY HOME OFFICE Andi Lew explains how to set up a healthy home environment. any more people are choosing to move their offices to home these days, because they want to spend more time with loved ones or create a better quality of life; so it’s important to follow through with those intentions and get the environment right. Having a healthy space for a home office allows you to feel more well and balanced, which in turn creates better productivity. So here are a few tips to help you create a healthy home environment. M Tip 1. Embrace ergonomics You can achieve optimum ergonimics by ensuring the setup of your computer and keyboard is correct. You should have the screen at eye level or above, and keep it free from dirt or smudges to avoid glare. Remember that constant focus can cause eye strain, so allow the muscles in your eyes to relax by taking a break from the screen every 20 minutes. Move the mouse by using your whole arm as opposed to just the elbow or the wrist, and keep a light (not tight) grip on it. Your keyboard should be positioned above your lap, and in a space that ensures you can type with your arms relaxed and close to your body. Ideally, your elbows should be bent at 90 degrees with your wrists level. If possible, place your desk near a window to catch as much natural light as you can. Also, remember when using a mobile phone, to avoid cradling it with your ear and shoulder. Instead, try and use the loudspeaker function, or if that’s not possible then frequently alternate which ear you hold the phone up to. Tip 2. Accessorise! You can ensure a healthy work posture by using stand up desks or a Swissball to sit on. It’s important to make sure your Swissball is the right size for you – ideally, your legs need to be bent at a right angle, with your pelvis aligned with the rest of the spine. You should also consider using blue-light- blocker glasses, such as Baxter Blue. Blue light is emitted from technology such as mobile devices and smartphones, which robs your brain of melotonin (the hormone required for quality sleep). Ideally, have a quality alkalising water filter on hand (I use zazen Alkaline Water – mention me for $50 off!). Cancer can’t live in an alkaline environment so when you raise alkalinity, you’re helping to preserve your overall wellness. It’s also quite common when working, to forget to drink enough water. A great tip is to set an alarm to remind you, and place the filter away from your desk so that it forces yourself to regularly leave your desk to get up and walk around. comes to office attire. But dressing for business can make all the difference. As a professional radio and TV presenter, I know full w