OH! Magazine - Australian Version November 2016 - Page 7

( Emotional Fitness ) THE SOCIAL MEDIA COMPARISON TRAP HEIDI DI SANTO YOU CAN CONTACT HEIDI VIA: Web: heidi.com.au Facebook: Heidi-Di-SantoEmotional-FitnessSpecialist-299600633422574/ Emotional fitness expert Heidi Di Santo shares these tips to avoid the social media comparison trap. o you ever compare your life to others when you're on social media? When scrolling through your news feed, perhaps you see a picture of someone's new car, house or recent holiday and think to yourself that 'you're life just isn't good enough' when contrasted with others? D Being human, it's hard not to compare (and to have thoughts that you're not good enough). But if it's getting you down, it's important to take action. Are you aware that recent research has linked high social media use to anxiety, depression and even suicide? If your social media news feed is getting you down, it's time to take stock. In this article, I want to discuss three ways to put your life into perspective s