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CONVERSATIONS & COOL STUFF FOR MEN Breaking the stereotype for men who want more out of life
The Beyond the Beers Live Event is for :
• men who are tired of the status quo , who are searching for more in life
• men seeking greater clarity of mind , meaning , purpose and internal drive .
Blokes love a good yarn and when it ’ s done over a beer or few and it can be even better ! Sadly , the traditional model of masculinity sees us playing on a surface level , where we keep our issues to ourselves , we are afraid to be vulnerable , feel scared to ask for help , and avoid going deeper into more meaningful conversations at all costs !
The conscious modern man , however , wants to expand this narrow view of what it means to be a fulfilled and well rounded man ; however , it ’ s often very difficult to know where or how to start .
The Beyond The Beers Live Event provide a place for men to learn , listen , share , laugh and grow . It ’ s a day where like-minded men will inspire , educate and challenge others ; where men with purpose , courage , compassion and strength will gather to disrupt the stereotype and provide positive examples for other men to follow .
The Beyond The Beers Live Event is ideal for men who want more out of life , but aren ’ t quite sure how to make it happen . It ’ s designed specifically for men who want to show up in the world as their best authentic selves , better able to serve those who are most important to them .
When ? Saturday 20 August , 2016 Where ? Sydney , Australia
Tickets are on sale now for $ 90 per person , which includes refreshments , snacks , lunch , a couple of beers and a full day ’ s program . Plus , readers of this mag receive a special discount . Simply use the discount code : OHmagtix when buying tickets via the address below .

www . beyondthebeers . tv / event