OH! Magazine - Australian Version August 2016 - Page 10

(Women’s Health) THE SECRET TO SUCCEEDING IN LIFE NARDIA NORMAN YOU CAN CONTACT NARDIA VIA: Web: nardianorman.com Facebook: nardia.norman Twitter: @nardianorman Instagram: @nardianorman Nardia Norman lets you in on the secret to success. D o you want to know the secret to losing weight and changing your body shape forever? Are you sure you want to know? If I tell you this secret will you be prepared for the onslaught of weight loss that is heading your way? Okay then, here it is... drumroll please... The secret is... that THERE IS NO SECRET! There is no magic pill or insider secret that will have fat melting magically off your body like a candle on a hot day (well nothing that is legal and healthy anyway). 10 AUGUST 2016 (OH! MAGAZINE) I'm sorry to disappoint you, but here's the honest truth: Regardless of what you want to achieve in life, whether it is a change in your body shape, more money in the bank, or a promotion at work, two things are required for it to happen: 1. Focused effort. And by this I mean the ability to stay on task, ignore distractions and to keep showing up day after day, even when it is boring or when you don't feel motivated or inspired to continue. 2. Self-awareness. This refers to your ability to reflect on your actions, to practice self-compassion when you've dropped the ball, and to call yourself out when required. Practice these two things and everything else will fall into place.