OH! Magazine - Australian Version April 2015 - Page 12

HEIDI DI SANTO FIVE TIPS TO STOP THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS Heidi Di Santo explains how you can change a negative mindset once and for all! o you suffer from unwanted thoughts? Many of us do, so here are five things to help you manage them better. Here’s what you need to know: D flow in and out of your awareness without attachment, engagement or judgment, the more peace you will experience, and the more likely this thought pattern will disappear naturally. 1) You’re not alone! 4) Stop judging them. If you suffer from unwanted thoughts, it is important that you know that you’re not the only one. At some point in time, everyone experiences unwanted thoughts. It is natural for thoughts to pop in and out of your mind. The real issue is whether you engage with these thoughts. 2) You can’t get rid of them! Just like planes enter and exit from an airport terminal, so too do your thoughts. They are constantly entering and exiting your mind. While it’s virtually impossible to stop the planes from arriving or departing from the terminal, you can choose whether you hop on board! The same goes with your thoughts. 3) Don’t engage with them. Have you heard the saying ‘your mind grows where your attention goes’? If you are focusing on how bad your thoughts are and how much you want to get rid of them, you’re actually paying attention to them. And, the more you fight them and try and push them away, the more you’re engaging with them, so the more this thought pattern will grow. Conversely, the more you can observe and accept your thoughts, and allow them t