NWTC Equity Guide A guide to diversity, equity and inclusion at NWTC - Page 27

A Place at the Table Discussion Series This is a roundtable event for staff, faculty, and students to have candid, safe, and respectful discussions around serious social topics. (Topics include, but not limited to: DACA and undocumented students, history of indigenous people and America, use of excessive force.) RISE Student Leadership Series (Racial Inclusion for Student Equity) This program is designed to better prepare student leaders to be culturally aware and active advocates for promoting diversity and inclusion. Food for Thought Feed your body, Feed your mind. The Food for Thought Series gives guest speakers and artists the opportunity to share their personal passions and stories with the NWTC community. Through the free Food for Thought events, students will be able to connect in more meaningful ways with our guests and their messages. Events are free and open to the public. Carry-in lunches are welcome. Learn more at nwtc.edu/StudentInvolvement. Global Spotlight An opportunity to hear firsthand stories and learn about places around the world and community! Learn more at nwtc.edu/StudentInvolvment. Introduction to Diversity - 3 Credit Class This course studies basic American values of justice and equality by teaching vocabulary, history of immigration/conquest, transcultural communication, legal liability, multicultural majority/ minority relations, ageism, sexism, gender, sexual orientation, and the disabled/ADA. International Education Businesses and industries in the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College District are becoming increasingly dependent on a highly competitive global economy for their success. To prepare the district workforce for participation in this international society, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College must provide a global educational experience for students and serve as an international intercultural education resource for its communities. Learn more about our International Programs at nwtc.edu/StudyAbroad. 25