nosh magazine (issue 3) | Page 15

Even if you think it won’t have as big an impact as some of the other behaviours, by achieving this one goal you will prove to yourself you can successfully change. This creates a ‘domino effect’ – changing one behaviour leads to another. The good news is that becoming healthier doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Once you understand the key elements that lead to behaviour change you can start straight away. Know Yourself to Change Yourself Boost Your Confidence to Change If we don’t think we can achieve something it’s hard to feel motivated to try – especially if we have attempted many times before without success. Having confidence in our abilities is key to permanent change. The first step is recognise your strengths – write a list of all your qualities. If you are finding this hard, you can ask someone close to you what they think your qualities are. Then reflect on this list and think about how these 7G&V