Northwest Aerospace News June | July 2022 — Issue No. 27 | Page 47

This effort is funded by a Career Connect Washington grant awarded to AWBI and AFA earlier this year . CCW ’ s vision is that every young adult in Washington will have multiple pathways toward economic self-sufficiency and fulfillment , strengthened by a comprehensive statewide system for career-connected learning . CCW is building a career-connected learning system that enables students who participate in Career Explore , Career Prep , and Career Launch to complete programs , attain sustaining-wage entry-level jobs , and reach family-sustaining wage careers ( across industries and occupations ) at equitable rates across population demographics .
If you are eager to join AWBI and AFA in this effort , please contact Thomas Gill at thomasg @ awbinstitute . org
About the Partners
Aerospace Futures Alliance is Washington ’ s trade association serving aerospace companies and communities . This effort continues AFA ’ s leadership on workforce issues , including annual industry job fairs and representation on aerospace workforce pipeline boards and committees . More info at http :// www . afa-wa . com .
AWB Institute supports Washington employers as they build a thriving and resilient economy . We provide information and create programs to bolster a world-class workforce and maximize productivity — so our state can recover and succeed . More info at http :// www . awbinstitute . org .
Career Connect Washington are business , labor , education , and community leaders who are creating work-based and academic programs for young people to explore , learn , and earn money or college level credit . More info at http :// www . careerconnectwa . org .
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