Northwest Aerospace News August | September Issue No. 4 | Page 48

PKG User Interface Solutions Human Machine Interfaces and System Solutions for Aerospace By Jonathan Frank, Director of Sales for PKG Inc. Y ou might hear “PKG“ and think of packaging such as cardboard boxes. Also, people may see “user interface solutions” and think Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). GUI is soft- ware, which in part, generates images like button pictures you often see on displays and touch screens. These allow you to interact with equipment, such as getting gas at the pump or cash from an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). While PKG User Interface Solutions of Merid- ian, Idaho does software development for such graphic user interfaces, the company excels at creating mission-critical user interfaces such as bezel button displays, microwave uplink controllers, and keyboards used in cockpits. Jonathan Frank Director of Sales for PKG Inc. IDAA SPOTLIGHT 48 PKG is a leading contract designer, developer, and manufacturing company for system-level devices with expertise in human-machine interfaces (HMI). PKG has been a major contrib- utor in designing and manufacturing many and varied devices for Fortune 500 companies, mid-size organizations and start-up businesses. The primary industries PKG serves are medi- cal, aerospace, and industrial. PKG has designed and developed many QWERTY full-travel keyboards in all three of their primary industry segments — they have even produced full-travel keyboards for the FAA. Pilots’ keyboards are like other keyboards they have produced for the medical industry, where the keyboard is mounted inside a sliding mechanism for concealment and space preservation. NORTHWEST AEROSPACE NEWS