Northwest Aerospace News August | September Issue No. 4 | Page 49

IDAA SPOTLIGHT I n 2006, a top airline manufacturer contracted PKG to develop the pilot’s and maintenance pilot’s keyboard for the cockpit of their plane, capable of withstanding the harsh environmental requirements of the aerospace indus- try. The keyboard had to please the pilots on human factors such as tactile responsiveness, and have product and service longevity typical of the commercial airlines industry (i.e. less than 20 years). Moreover, the key- board involved the devel opment of an input device to interact with FSA-NG platform. It allows a pilot to easily and efficiently control applications during any ground and flight phases and conditions. The input device combines usability and efficiency of use, to allow the pilots to be focused on their tasks. Since the start of the project, the pilot and maintenance pilot keyboard has passed testing and is now installed on all their new planes. Their unique and extensive experience in managing projects and product de- velopment activities with requirements like those of the pilot’s keyboard has lead to business growth in this niche. PKG takes a life-cycle approach to managing products from early devel- opment activities to EOL transition activities. PKG also sees competitive advantages in their use of DfX methods and lever- aging the latest technologies. “This allows us to deliver solutions that work the first time and every time,” according to Almir Garibovic, president at PKG. “Anytime there is a critical connection between human and machine, PKG provides solutions to make those interactions as seamless as possible.” The company provides customers with all their product development needs: product idea realization, development, manufacturing, testing, and end of life support and transitioning. PKG is ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified, design- ing and manufacturing to ISO 9100 standards for the aerospace industry. As any other successful company, PKG places their people first. Cheryl Adams, chief financial officer at PKG, asserts, “...That everyone comes to work to do a good job, and we treat our employees as such. But we also seek out employees who are excellent at the work they do.” PKG is one of the Idaho Aerospace Al- liance’s (IDAA) manufacturing mem- bers working to grow the aerospace industry in Idaho and the Northwest. PKG serves the Idaho Aerospace Alliance through volunteering on the board and supporting initiatives and events with the goal of increasing the aerospace expertise and economic base in Idaho. PKG INC, 2145 East Pine Avenue, Meridian, Idaho, 83642, United States T: 800-730-5181 F: 208-577-5150 [email protected] AUGUST | SEPTEMBER 2018 ISSUE NO. 4 49