Northwest Aerospace News August | September Issue No. 4 | Page 19

Today a different Space Race is unfolding — this time to reach Mars. Right now, Boeing employees in the Puget Sound region and across the country are working hard to build the Space Launch System (SLS) for deep space exploration. Boeing’s commercial aircraft and commercial derivative military aircraft most likely come to mind when you think of the aerospace industry’s presence in Washington State. Thanks to years of successful development by Washington State aerospace workers, who help drive best practices across the company, Boeing successfully channels many commercial aircraft manufacturing tools, processes, hard- ware, and systems to support its space programs. These commonalities help build the next generation of space exploration vehicles. Boeing’s Space Launch Sys- tem will be the most powerful rocket ever built when its final configuration launches, capable of delivering 50 metric tons to the Moon. And it won’t stop there. SLS is specifi- cally designed and built for deep space travel, capable of carrying humans, cargo, and science missions past the Moon to Mars and on to other deep space missions. Boeing’s Starliner is a 21st-century capsule that will take NASA astronauts to and from low-Earth orbit, including to the International Space Station. With an expanded capacity to carry 220 pounds of equipment and cargo, as well as up to seven astronauts, the scientific research Starliner will en- able aboard ISS is expansive. And this capsule was specifically designed for a generation of astronauts reared on the iPhone and tablet computers — its touch screen display is configured to operate with special gloves on Boe- ing’s award-winning “Boeing Blue” spacesuit. Contrary to popular opinion, launching the next generation of space travel is not just for billionaires. You can follow Boeing’s journey to Mars on the @BoeingSpace Twitter feed. To really support our astronauts’ mission to Mars, sign up for the Watch U.S. Fly grassroots community at to receive early access to breaking news on Boeing’s next space journey, including updates on Starliner’s first launch later this year. In 1969, the world watched as Ameri- cans took a giant leap for mankind and fueled a generation’s curiosity about the wonders of space. Nearly 50 years later, Boeing continues to honor that spirit by creating the most advanced and safest platforms for deep space exploration. Who knows were the next generation of space innovation and exploration will take us, but one this is for sure — Boeing will be a key part of it. Learn more at: AUGUST | SEPTEMBER 2018 ISSUE NO. 4 19